Chainsaw Carvers

The challenge is on!  Twice a day our chainsaw carving elves pick up their tools for a frantic half an hour race against the clock and against each other to come up with the best piece of artwork they can.

And the fun doesn’t end when the clock stops. Because that’s when our inimitable auctioneer, Mr Quint Hughes,steps up on his log and starts the bidding for a competitive auction of all the pieces – the winner, of course, being the one to go for the most money.

Great fun to watch, and you will be amazed at what can be produced from a simple piece of wood. And of course, you could go home with a unique piece of artwork for your own garden or conservatory (or a very unusual present!)

Aside of the adrenaline filled speed carves, the carve

Chainsaw Carving at Woburn 14-24

rs will be around all weekend, carving, demonstrating and selling their products, so make sure you come along to the chainsaw village and have a look.


  • Quint Hughes
  • Mark Earp
  • Matt Crabb
  • Chris Wood
  • Sabina