We have a few different Blacksmiths attending our shows this season, bringing an insight into this fascinating and very traditional English craft.

Blacksmiths Stokes 2 Wales 15Stokes of England Blacksmiths are at the majority of our shows.  It is a long standing family business, now run by Chris Stokes, but started by his dad, a master smith and farrier at the age of eighteen, many years ago. Chris himself has been a blacksmith for over thirty years. He says he loves his work because of the creativity involved; the knowledge that he is leaving a legacy in his work that will last for many many years into the future and that fact that he never knows who his next customer will be.

Indeed he has had some auspicious customers, having made stair railings for Blacksmiths Wales 15 (1)Michael Jackson; door furniture for Madonna’s kitchen; a table for Paul Simon; a pruning knife for Prince Charles and half a restaurant for Gordon Ramsey!

Of course we have other blacksmiths making up our little village.  Dave Hemsley from Andover Forge, the Blacksmiths’ Guild and a number of others.

And you can have a go too!  Make an original hook or keyring and get involved!