Burghley Crafts 15 glass blowing and glass-8Ed & Margaret Burke – Glassblowing

Always a popular demonstration on the show circuit, with hourly demonstrations in their mobile studio. they have their own distinctive approach to fine glass making, a symbiosis of colour, pattern and shape.

At all shows 2017


Bodger Sa15Bodging

A bodger is a skilled craftsmanwho primarily makes chair legs and braces. The legs were turned on an early pole and string teadle powered lathe, the string is wound around the work piece which rotates backwards and forwards, allowing the bodger to cut or turn in one diretion only. Nowadays, bodgers like Richard Rood produce a wide range of items.

2017 shows tbc


Blacksmiths Stokes 2 Wales 15Blacksmiths

Creative ironwork which will leave you amazed.  Watch iron come to life beneath these master craftsmen’s hands – and maybe even have a go yourself.
Blacksmiths at all shows 2017