Sandringham Food, Crafts and Gifts Show

Sandringham is one of our biggest Country Shows, and we’re delighted to be doing our first food festival there next August as well Santa and his owlsas our usual Spring Craft Fair.  So it was great to be back on the royal estate for the Christmas Crafts, Food and Gifts Fair.

It honestly amazes me where all the people come from to rural Sandringham, but come they did, and it was amazing watching the coaches roll in, and the queue of people moving swiflty through  the ticket desks to enjoy their mulled wine on the way in, usually being greeted and entertained by either Santa and one of hs owls, or Fiery Jack, our resident jester.

There were five or six enormous craft and gift marquees, busy all day both Localflorists selling their Christmas wreathsdays, and numerous other smaller tents for individual traders. From Christmas wreaths, made by local florists, to air rifles, to clocks, jewellry, soaps and anything else you can imagine.  It was a Food and Craftsfestive shopping trip to be dreamed of.

Of course, you didn’t have to shop all day.  Dave’s bar did a roaring trade in mulled waine, spiced warm cider and (my favourite) Baileys hot chocolate.  You could then wander down to Fiery Jack’s Games Marquee, where, if you timed it right and found a space, you could sit don to a quiet game of draughts, noisy game of Jenga, or learn one of the older games he had set up there.  The two jesters were more than happy to challenge any passers by to a quick game.

The Festive Fun Dog Show was huge fun, and gathered quite a crowd, especially for Musical Sits, which involved a lot of audienceFestive Fun Dog Show participation in the judging and a lot of reruns when they didn’t agree with each other! We even had special guest judge, Tabitha, judging one of our classes – although she wasn’t supposed to fall in love with the contestants quite as much as she did!

The food marquees were also very popular, and with Jonny Putzai and Teresa Sandringham Crafts 14-81Bovey cooking up a Christmas storm, they had a full tent of people resting their feet and enjoying their demonstrations throughout the weekend.

Yes, it rained on Sunday. But that didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits.  Most of it was indoors anyway and Fiery Jack enjoyed playing around with his new umbrella!

So we will be back at Sandringham for our Spring Craft Show in March (21-22nd) – please put the date in your diary and we’ll see you there!